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23-10-2011 - Aurora's World Solar Challange 2011 Wrap Up

In October Aurora joined 38 teams from 21 countries in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge.

The Challenge saw the teams racing each other – using the power of the sun – on the 3,021km journey from Darwin to Adelaide.

Despite a budget just 5 – 10 per cent of the budget of the top teams, Aurora finished ahead of several prestigious institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (USA), Stanford University (USA) and pre-challenge favourites Group T University (Belgium) sponsored by solar cell company Umicore.

23-10-11 - The Education Program Wrap Up

Throughout October, Aurora’s education duo Martin Brook and Nick Grant made their way through the Northern Territory stopping a Katherine, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy and Port Augusta.

Beginning only days before the Veolia 2011 World Solar Challenge, the program gave insight to the communities of what the challenge is about and showcased the cars and the technology that underpins them.

Demonstrating Southern Aurora in live driving demos Aurora provided an unusual experience to the isolated communities of the outback.

Along with educational partners RiAus, the team was also joined by Discovery Channel presenter Dr. Zoz Brooks who was able to successfully cook damper for the residents of Tennant Creek using a solar-powered oven.

Education Outreach Program leader Martin Brook said the chance to interact with these communities was rare and that his team enjoyed every moment of it.

“To be able to give the students and members of these communities the chance to see cutting edge sustainable mobility technology is great,” he said.

“We are providing a service to the public and showing them that Solar does have practical uses whether that be through Zoz Brooks’ solar-powered oven or with Southern Aurora.”

At every stop the education program visited a school in the local community and were greeted by eager students from kindergarten to year 12.

“They (the students) make you feel like you aren’t just talking at them, but that they do take in what you're saying,” Martin Brook said.

“It’s great that we can let them get up close and personal with a solar car and Southern Aurora makes for a great educational tool.

The program finished with a bang in Victoria Square where Aurora gave public speeches and viral interviews including an interview with Susan Sun Nunamaker from http://sunisthefuture.net.

Michelin Press Manager Jane Rowe joined the team in Victoria Square to support the educational program by providing insight to Michelin's solar car racing developed tyre.

Auroras education duo along with Zoz Brooks fielded interviews from WIN news, ABC news and local media throughout the duration of the program.

The Aurora Educational Outreach program thanks the Royal Institute of Australia for their assistance in helping coordinate the program and the World Solar Challenge for making this whole experience possible.

18-10-11 - Aurora Meets the Melbourne Cup in Coober Pedy

Aurora continued south to Coober Pedy with the World Solar Challenge Outreach Program and spent the morning at the Lions Information Centre and later moving on to Coober Pedy Area School.

The team gave passers by their undivided attention as some members of the community came and visited them at the Lions Information Centre.

Around Midday the Melbourne Cup visited the team as apart of the Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour and Education Outreach leader Martin Brook gave a radio interview to ABC and talked about the challenges of driving a solar race car, including how hot it could get up to in the drivers seat.

Coober Pedy Area School provided a larger crowd and their arrival soon after the team arrived meant that the locals were able to see the car get unpacked.

Speaking to kids from kindergarten to year 12, the Aurora duo made an impression on the younger members of the community and showed off Southern Aurora in driving demos on nearby basketball courts.

The World Solar Challenge provided drink bottles again to keep everyone hydrated and the event received a positive response from the kids, some even going to ‘like’ auroras facebook page

Aurora Education Outreach leader Martin Brook said he was happy with the turn out at Coober Pedy in the afternoon and was glad that the school children were eager to ask questions and listen.

“They (the students) make you feel like you aren’t just talking at them, but that they do take in what you're saying,” he said.

“It’s great that we can let them get up close and personal with a solar car and Southern Aurora makes for a great educational tool.

“We are lucky to have a fully working car available to give the communities that we visit driving demo’s.”

The team will head to Port Augusta tomorrow in preparation for Wednesday’s presentation at Gladstone Square.

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