2012 - 2013 Campaigns

07-05-2013 Melbourne Electric Vehicle Expo

Aurora Vehicle Association continued their community involvement on Saturday 13 April showcasing Aurora Evolution at the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Expo.

Hosted at Swinburne University’s Hawthorn Campus, the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Expo is an informative and community involved event focused on demonstrating and exploring electric transport options with an emphasis on electric bikes. The expo also showcased a range of speakers, electric vehicles, panel discussions and live demonstrations.

Aurora’s Senior Electrical team members Joost Kuckartz and James Kirk manned the event fielding questions about the Aurora Evolution and talking to crowds mostly in the business themselves as well as students.

Joost with Aurora Evolution

23-06-2012 - Workshop Report

Ali Jafari Aurora Solaris Development Sketches

On Saturday, Monash University Industrial Design graduate Ali, Swinburne University Product Design Engineering student David and the team's primary logistics person Bruce worked throughout the day to progress Ali's and David's clay models.  Ali's model will be scanned next week in order to produce a 3D CAD file in preparation for the next round of aerodynamic computer simulation.  Despite Melbourne's bitterly cold weather and no heating in the workshop, the atmosphere was positive, with music playing on the team's sound system and smiles on members' faces.

The Aurora Solaris design has steadily progressed from early 2010 until today.  Ali's original student work, done while he studied at Monash University in Caufield, is now the basis for a formal design project between Aurora and Swinburne University in Melbourne.  This exciting industy-university partnership features professionals collaborating with students to develop a practical, two-seat solar-electric hybrid vehicle for everyday use.

21-06-2012 - Workshop Report

Aurora Solaris Battery Compartment Concept by David Zhao

Despite very wet and cold conditions in Melbourne on the shortest day of the year, several intrepid Aurora members made their way to the workshop for the team's weekly planning meeting.  Excitement is high, as the 2013 World Solar Challenge Regulations were released this week; there is much to discuss and plans to be made.

Monash University Industrial Design graduate Ali and Swinburne University Product Design Engineering student David continued work on their scale clay models.  Despite an air temperature of around 10 C in the unheated workshop, Ali and David continued to make good progress.  Hopfully tonight will be uneventful; we don't need another earthquake as we had in Melbourne on Tuesday evening!

In the heated office of the workshop, Darren, Stephen, Bruce and Martin (via teleconference) discussed the new World Solar Challenge Regulations governing energy storage capacity and Cruiser Class scoring.  Although basic calculations have been made, simulation is required to optimise Aurora Solaris' design parameters.  The new Regulations allow Cruiser Class solar electric vehicles to have roughly three times the energy storage capacity of previous solar car racing cars; this change, along with the introduction of some plug-in recharging during the Event, considerably changes the dynamics of the World Solar Challenge.

Martin provided an update of his Marketing and Sponsorship efforts this week.  Martin and Ali discussed the plan to take Ali's latest scale clay model to the 3D scanning experts next week.

Darren discussed the composites procurement plan and the members present agreed to progress it with high priority.  Darren also reported the initial results of his investigation into ADR-compliant competition seats.

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