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18-10-11 - Aurora Meets the Melbourne Cup in Coober Pedy

Aurora continued south to Coober Pedy with the World Solar Challenge Outreach Program and spent the morning at the Lions Information Centre and later moving on to Coober Pedy Area School.

The team gave passers by their undivided attention as some members of the community came and visited them at the Lions Information Centre.

Around Midday the Melbourne Cup visited the team as apart of the Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour and Education Outreach leader Martin Brook gave a radio interview to ABC and talked about the challenges of driving a solar race car, including how hot it could get up to in the drivers seat.

Coober Pedy Area School provided a larger crowd and their arrival soon after the team arrived meant that the locals were able to see the car get unpacked.

Speaking to kids from kindergarten to year 12, the Aurora duo made an impression on the younger members of the community and showed off Southern Aurora in driving demos on nearby basketball courts.

The World Solar Challenge provided drink bottles again to keep everyone hydrated and the event received a positive response from the kids, some even going to ‘like’ auroras facebook page

Aurora Education Outreach leader Martin Brook said he was happy with the turn out at Coober Pedy in the afternoon and was glad that the school children were eager to ask questions and listen.

“They (the students) make you feel like you aren’t just talking at them, but that they do take in what you're saying,” he said.

“It’s great that we can let them get up close and personal with a solar car and Southern Aurora makes for a great educational tool.

“We are lucky to have a fully working car available to give the communities that we visit driving demo’s.”

The team will head to Port Augusta tomorrow in preparation for Wednesday’s presentation at Gladstone Square.

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