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05-06-2013 - Aurora focuses on fully road legal car design and will run Aurora Evolution in the 2013 WSC

The logo of the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar ChallengeThe Aurora Solar Car team will run its existing car Aurora Evolution in this year’s World Solar Challenge, this decision has been driven by the desire to move the team from a competition focus to one aimed at building practical approachable solar cars, with the key aim of designing a fully Australian road legal solar car.  This approach requires a level of design complexity unseen in previous generations of competition cars and the team is choosing to invest that time in preference to rushing a design to competition.

To work toward that goal, key elements of the new electrical and electrical safety systems designed for Aurora Solaris will be fitted to Aurora Evolution in readiness for its competion in the Adventure class.  This will also allow the team to field test components and software in one of the harshest road challenges on earth.

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