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14-10-2013 - Aurora Evolution wins the GoPro Adventure Class of the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Aurora Evolution and WSC Team at the official close of timing in AdelaideThe Aurora Solar Car Team is proud to announce that its car Aurora Evolution has taken out the GoPro Adventure Class in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. This win continues Aurora’s tradition of participation in the World Solar Challenge events with the team partaking in every event since 1987, and continues our recent run of good results in the event.

This event and win has successfully demonstrated and tested a number of new key electrical systems needed for our under development concept car, Aurora Solaris. These new developments include the new internally designed Aurora/Symtech Maximum Power Point Trackers, which the team in collaboration with Symmetrical Technologies Pty Ltd (Symtech) will be making available for purchase.

Aurora would like to thank all of our 2013 sponsors and partner organisations for making this win possible, making special mention of key partners CSIRO, Michelin Australia,  RACV, Sunpower and Symmetrical Technologies without whom this win wouldn’t have been possible.

We plan to use the success from this event as motivation and as a driver to continue pushing on with work on Aurora Solaris so stay tuned both on our website and Facebook for further updates.   A gallery of select photos from the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is available here.

08-10-2013 - Aurora announces public availability of the Aurora/Symtech MPPT

The Aurora/Symtech MPPT The Aurora Symtech MPPT installed in Aurora Evolution

As Aurora Evolution makes its way from Darwin to Adelaide, Aurora is pleased to announce the public availability of our newest piece of in-car electronics. Developed for our Solaris concept car and currently being tested by Aurora Evolution in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge the Aurora/Symtech Maximum Power Point Tracker is going to be available for purchase.

The Aurora/Symtech Maximum Power Point Tracker developed by Aurora member Ross Ramm, his company Symetric Technologies Pty Ltd, and the assistance of other Aurora sponsors and members of Aurora's electrical team. The tracker represents the next generation of MPPT's for Solar EVs, utilising resonant conversion to deliver high efficiency over a broad range of outputs and a peak efficiency of 98.5%. The MPPT is rated to 240 W continuous and offers 3 kV galvanic isolation.

For further information about the trackers please view the datasheet by clicking on the link below.

26-09-2013 - Off to Darwin

Aurora's Trailer in Adelaide - Photo Courtesy of an Aurora SupporterAurora are on the way to the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Darwin today.  This continues Aurora’s tradition of competing in every World Solar Challenge since the inaugural event in 1987.  The 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a 3,000km road rally through the centre of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide.

Aurora Evolution, placing second in the production class in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge will this year be racing in the GoPro Adventure Class. Evolution has received a number of key electrical upgrades to test new systems for Aurora’s newest fully road legal solar car under development - Aurora Solaris.

The team hopes to arrive on Monday morning September 30th, the trip from Melbourne to Darwin taking about four days. Having the home field advantage, the team plans to take full advantage of this and spend as much time as possible in Aurora’s fully equipped workshop to make sure Aurora Evolution is in peak condition.

Aurora have continued to support the World Solar Challenge since its inaugural event in 1987. The team is always encouraging new members to join its fully volunteered force so if you feel you want to make an impact on the future of solar cars, let us know!

Stay tuned for updates on the teams progress on our facebook page where the team will be posting photos videos and news. 

 Further information about the event and news relating to it can be found here

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