World Solar Challenge 1987

In the inaugural World Solar Challenge event the successful finishers covered 3005km. The Ford Australia (now Aurora) team came second overall behind the overall winner from General Motors.


The 1987 Car


Race Results

Placing Team Car Origin Time Speed
1st General Motors SunRaycer USA 44:54 h:m 66.92 km/h
2nd Ford Australia Sunchaser Geelong, Australia 67:32 h:m 44.49 km/h
3rd Ingenieurschule Biel Spirit of Biel/Bienne Switzerland 69:58 h:m 42.95 km/h
4th Australian Geographic Team Marsupial Australia 81:26 h:m 36.90 km/h
5th Darwin Institute Tech. Desert Rose Australia 95:27 h:m 31.48 km/h
6th Chisholm Institute Tech. Desert Cat Australia 98:12 h:m 30.60 km/h