Suzuka Dream Cup 2005

Suzuka Dream Cup 2005

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Suzuka, Japan
5th - 7th August 2005

Day 1
Since early in 2005, the Melbourne based Aurora Vehicle Association has been preparing the Aurora 101 solar car for two competition events...

Day 2
A clockwork 36 hours. Singapore airlines whisked us out of Melbourne on time and arrived in Singapore early...
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Day 3
This morning was only a short time from last night, in turn a very long day on the flight from Melbourne. But there was no alternative...
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Day 4
This was a much more sensible morning. We had a 2 hour practice session scheduled for noon...
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Day 5
Today the official aspects of the Suzuka Dream Cup commenced. Registration, vehicle checks and scrutineering...
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Day 6
This was an intensely interesting day, full of activity and great racing. The Aurora team...
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Day 7
The walking wounded assembled in the hotel lobby at 8.15 AM...
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