World Solar Challenge 1999 - Report 2

It has been raining heavily all morning here in Darwin. Currently we are still in scrutineering, with only the batteries left to be checked out. Once that it is finished, we hope that the weather will have cleared up enough for us to do some practice for the speed trials later this afternoon.

In scrutineering


In scrutineering In scrutineering In scrutineering

Our car is creating a lot of interest among the Japanese teams. Also here we have caught up with the University of New south Wales team and the Lake Tuggeranong College (of Canberra) team, both teams which started their solar car racing with Aurora cars. There is also a very interesting team, Solar Motions from the USA, with some fine technology, who could be the dark horse in this race.

We had a long phone call from Viv Baddeley in Detroit today. Viv ran previous races for Aurora, and has been heavily involved for many years. He wishes us a terrific race, and is dying to be with us in Darwin right now!

There has been some good publicity today too, with television interviews with Channel 2 and Channel 10.