Aurora 101

Aurora 101 Side Profile

Overall Length410cm
Overall Width180cm
Overall Height102.2cm
Weight140Kg with batteries, no driver
  • Triangular, carbon fibre, circular cross section
  • Single front drive wheel
  • Two rear wheels
Body materials
  • Pre-preg carbon fibre lower
  • Polystyrene and composites upper
  • Rigid frame sprung to body at 3 places
  • Koni gas filled shock absorbers with rate adjustment
  • Eibach high tensile springs
  • Unique low profile rising rate front suspension designed by Artimech
  • Front is CSIRO/Marand wheel motor cast from magnesium
  • Rear are carbon fibre wheels from GH Craft
TyresMichelin 16-inch, 95/80 R16 solar car tyres.
  • Split hydraulic system on all 3 wheels
  • Manual hand-brake
AerodynamicsCd 0.08, Frontal area 0.76 sq metres
Solar array
  • Developed by CSIRO/UTS/Aurora/Marand
  • 15kg weight
  • Peak power at 12.0kW, continuous power at 1.8kW
  • Operating range, 100-170V, 0-100A
Motor controllerHigh efficiency wave type from Tritium
Power trackers
  • Boost type high efficiency
  • Lithium polymer
  • 22kg
  • 5.0kWh (Nominal)
Head lights4 individual high output Osram LEDS